Why use aluminum edging?

Aluminum is a durable, easily formed, lightweight metal that is perfect for landscape use. Aluminum is nontoxic, has excellent corrosion resistance, a high thermal conductivity, and is 100% recyclable.

Because aluminum is a tough metal that will not rust, rot, or crack, it is extremely well suited
to resist the demands of Mother Nature, professional lawn maintenance, and home power equipment.

When properly installed aluminum edgings and restraints will never need to be replaced and will remain beautiful for the life of your project.

Aluminum is 100% Recyclable #000000
(100 ft of 1/8 x 4 Material including stakes)

Steel 225 Pounds
Wood 69 Pounds
Aluminum 41 Pounds
Vinyl (Commercial) 35 Pounds


Steel: Rust, Corrosion, Not suitable for marine environments
Wood: Weather, Crack, Splinter, Rot, and Insects
Aluminum: Strong hard metal with excellent corrosion and thermal resistance. Nontoxic, non magnetic and non sparking.
Vinyl: Less resistant to natural and mechanical wear. Large degree of thermal expansion. Not UV stable.
6063 Tempered Aluminum Material

Other benefits:

Made in USA
Permanent installation
A rating on durability
Easy to install
Will not crack, rust or rot
Helps prevent frost heave
Environmentally Friendly